A Note From the Editor: The Summer 2017 issue of Creative Kids is the last of the magazine. Creative Kids has been around for more than 20 years, and we’d like to offer a big thanks to the many contributors and readers that have made it possible. We hope that this final issue serves as a reminder to never stop reading, creating, and exploring your many talents.

Please note that submissions are closed.

What is Creative Kids?

Creative Kids magazine is the only magazine by kids for kids, ages 8–16. Everything in the magazine is written or created by kids just like you (except for the editor's note).

Creative Kids was started more than 20 years ago as a publication to support the work of kids across the world. Today, we publish four quarterly, full-color issues each year, including the super-sized (52-page) issue each summer, and maintain this website, which includes blog posts, weekly book reviews, author interviews, and featured stories, poems, and other works by kids and teens. The staff includes editors with experience in teaching and working with talented kids, five senior contributors ages 14–18, and an advisory board of 12 students ages 8–16.