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"The Lightning Queen" by Laura Resau

Mateo always feels pulled toward the Hill of Dust, a tiny place in the remote areas of Mexico, whenever he goes to visit his grandfather there. Mateo is used to the strange tugs, but what catches him by surprise is that his grandfather, an old healer named Teo, tells him he needs his help. Teo gives his grandson a strange necklace that seems to be charged with electricity, and begins a long, mysterious story. A magical tale, of how Teo met Esma, Queen of Lightning, who dances as she walks and believes that nothing is impossible, and how they were destined to be friends for life.

The Lightning Queen is beautiful and trilling. So much occurs in this wonderful story that I couldn’t name everything in one review. Also, that might spoil the story for the rest of you.

I find it hard to remember a book that melted my heart as much as this one. Each detail, I find, was well thought out and woven so tight into the story that each exciting event happens one after another, so it forces you to think of the tale of a whole rather than in parts. From Teo’s charming trio of animals to Esma’s belief in the impossible, the weight of loss to the feeling of being alive when everyone around you seems to be gone. It took me a few chapters to really become interested in the story, but reading it was defiantly worth it! I think that anyone could fall in love with The Lightning Queen . . . because nothing is impossible.

336 pages. Ages 8–12.
Scholastic. $16.99.
Released October 27, 2015.

Reviewed by Emily Dionne, 12

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