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"Mutt's Promise" by Julie Salamon

Mutt's Promise is a riveting new animal novel by Julie Salamon. Mutt, a stray dog, lives on a farm with her new-found owner. Soon Mutt meets Gilbert, a boy who works on the farm and quickly becomes friends with Luna, one of Mutt's puppies. When Gilbert's family decides to open their own restaurant, Gilbert leaves the farm for good to help. As a result, the owner of the farm has to give Mutt's four puppies away. Mutt promised her pups that they would all find something they were good at, but unfortunately Chief and Luna are soon sent to live with an evil man from a puppy mill, where they are starved and kept in small cages. They meet a new friend named Charlie, and together the three friends run away. They've made it past the grasp of the mean puppy mill owne,r but can they make it through the woods with all of its dangers? Even past that worry, can they find the food they need to survive? Will they ever find something they were good at like their mom said?

Julie Salamon wrote this book superbly. There was always a little surprise with every turn of the page, and I could hardly put the book down after I picked it up. The story is told with many details that helped me envision the picturesque countryside and a perfect mix of humor and emotion with it. This book made me laugh, which helped me to feel an emotional connection with the dogs as they ventured away to escape their hardships and find a nice home to live in. I found myself rooting for the puppies during the whole story. I would give this book 6 out of 5 stars right away. Mutt's Promise is perfect for any animal lovers out there who just loves a book filled with adventure.

256 pages. Ages 8 and up.
Dial Books.
Released March 8, 2016.$16.99 

Reviewed by Philip Voronin, 13

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